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Hi. We’re Fathom.

The Christian faith was always meant to be an immersion—nothing less than heart, soul, mind, and strength is required. So, at Fathom, we set out to engage the whole of our readers. Our articles, videos, podcasts, and design cover everything from specific Bible texts, theology, and doctrine to art, culture, literature, and the human experience. Here, non-fiction articles live beside short stories. We highlight poetry and celebrate works of art.

Our goal is to approach everything we publish with an eye for intellect, wonder, and story and a conviction that our beliefs have consequences for ourselves, our communities, and the world. Our hope is that in the wonder of God’s presence, we can help one another cultivate an embodied faith that furthers the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Meet the Team

Kelsey Hency
Kelsey Hency, CEO & Editor in Chief
Jed Ostoich
Jed Ostoich, Senior Editor
Collin Huber
Collin Huber, Senior Editor
Jon Minnema
Jon Minnema, Director of Video
Sophie DeMuth
Sophie DeMuth, Associate Editor
Rachel Welcher
Rachel Welcher, Poetry Editor
Hannah Comerford
Hannah Comerford, Associate Poetry Editor


Want to write for Fathom? We’d love to hear from you. First, it’s best if you become familiar with the type of content we publish. Then, read our style guide for a checklist of what we are looking for in your writing. And if you haven’t done much pitching—or just want a refresher—read this guide to pitching from our editor. Then, email us a pitch or a full article. We’ll review it and get back to you as quickly as possible (which could take as long as three weeks).

Are you a visual artist? If you would like to be a showcased artist please email us at submissions@fathommag.com and include an introduction of yourself, your art, and any links to or pictures of your work.

Corrections & Questions

If you have corrections for any of our articles or questions for our writers, send us an email. We’d appreciate hearing from you.