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We are raising an ebenezer.

Published on:
September 12, 2022
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Some milestones loom large over your endeavors, demanding a glance, if not a fixation, as you approach them: high school and college graduation, the first time you buy a car, your 30th/40th/60th birthday. I’ve been thinking about the day my daughter—now nine years old—will turn ten for at least a third of her life. Other milestones don’t even seem to exist until you arrive at their feet. All of a sudden you look up from the day-to-day work to realize that you’ve raised an ebenezer—somehow God has brought you this far, and you have the stack of stones to prove it. Two months ago I did the everyday thing and began building the spreadsheet of articles and poems for our Pursuit issue. I keyed in the issue number and thought, “Wow, we are about to have done this thing fifty times.” This thing being publishing a digital magazine. An idea became a plan and a plan became a team and a team worked together to deliver on the plan fifty times.

We couldn’t let this milestone go by without celebrating. And what’s a milestone celebration without some reminiscing? So welcome to Fathom Mag’s memory lane. Each of our editors picked five pieces they still love from our past issues. We couldn’t leave any period of Fathom out, so the list is chronological—every editor curated their choices from a year of publications. We are starting with the first two years of issues and then we’ll add another year each week. Come back every Thursday for another editor’s list.

Thus far the Lord has helped us, indeed. Thank you for witnessing the work of every contributor and editor and the faithfulness of God in our digital pages. Here’s to the next fifty.

Collin Huber, Senior Editor, Picks For Year One Highlights

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