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A Lamentation: "A Fool's Gold"

A Poem

Published on:
October 19, 2020
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1 min.
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A sticky veil of yellow pollen
blew and rested on my uncertain future.
I saw it was the very stuff of life,
whizzing minutia, carrying
all the potential of a flower. 

For a moment,
I thought it was
fool’s gold.

What an insect am I!

Unable to give thanks for my yellow-
pollen blessing. But joyful tears make
my eyes swell, and my songs of praise
sound more like sneezes these early days.

I want to want to douse myself brilliant
in this powdered promethean soup.
And when I shout,
why can’t honey come out? 

Annaleta Nichols
Anna is a middle school English teacher and theology student at the University of Notre Dame currently living in Kansas with her beloved husband and greyhound.

Cover Image by Roma Kaiuk

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