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A Motherhood Redefined

Published on:
May 17, 2021
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I can’t scrub the loneliness off the kitchen floor,
Nor can I outrun it, out-eat it, or out-drink it.
God knows I’ve tried.
It’s something that’s gonna be a part of me,
For as long as I’m this side of heaven.

A part of an exclusive club,
The invitation shoved in my face and the RSVP already checked "yes"
With a monthly reminder of my membership,
I’m not like the other moms.
My motherhood scarred,
My family pieced together from what should have been.

And yet I’m no different,
Not really.
Just a different iteration of brokenness,
And a louder picture of redemption,
More obvious in our multicolored tapestry,
Woven together by a loving and creative God.
Imperfect and marred,
My womb will always be empty.
But my table isn’t—
A motherhood redefined

Janelle Burkholder
Janelle Burkholder is a wife, mom through the journey of foster care and adoption, and middle school teacher.

Cover image by Sarah

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