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Published on:
December 19, 2019
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what I wouldn’t give
          to rise
from this window seat of longing
and brave my way into the gray
and through the gray
          to part
the veil that obscures life from Light 

drown this sorrow in your river;
crystal, to its verdant banks
let me kneel beside you
          to quench
this terrible thirst won’t you
wrap your ardent arms like
pale branches over me around me
          to shelter
if I were a bird, I would nest
in you, in their safety and
pluck the healing
          from your hands
and place, honey sweet,
          your promise
in my mouth oh to taste
          your goodness 

yet... this already but not yet
kingdom will not yet receive me
          not yet 

I must wait
face and hands pressed against the glass
peering, seeing only dimly now 

I must wait
for your hand to throw open the palace gates
for your hand to lift the curse to lift my chin 

write your name upon my brow
place your pledge on my finger
tuck your flower in my hair
adorn me in your promise 

          I will wait. 

Christine Prater
Christine Prater is a freelance writer, reluctant speaker, and accidental poet. Her passion for inviting folks to the kingdom table drives her studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and fuels her advocacy for child sex trafficking survivors and individuals with special needs. She lives in the Lake Travis area of Austin, Texas with her handsome hubby and two fur-babies (one sinner, one saint). She’s a lover of all things that take place outdoors, require words, or are covered in queso. You can follow her messy redemption story at her blog thejesusgypsy.com or on Instagram @thejesusgypsy.

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