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An interview with the artist Mandy Rogers and her new sustainable business model

Published on:
June 14, 2017
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If you’ve been hanging around the Fathom website you may have noticed that we think pretty highly of art and the people who create it. That isn’t just an arbitrary, millennial-hipster trend that we really like—art reflects God’s creativity, and it’s a way we get invited into his divine character. Mandy Rogers gets that, and her latest project forsakes art exclusivity for art inclusion. We got to ask the very first art contributor to Fathom about her latest endeavor and how you, and I mean that literally, can come to own your very own work of original art. —Kelsey Hency

Mandy, you are trying a new way of getting original art into the hands of more people. Can you tell me what you are trying to accomplish and why?

As I’ve grown as an artist, I’ve discovered a couple things that have truly impacted my career.

The first is that art has the ability to transform, inspire, and influence the heart in a way that words are not always capable of. It’s through this impact I’m provided an open door to connect with all people from all walks of life. It is truly breathtaking and the heartbeat of my business. Lastly, I have discovered that as moving as art may be to a person, it’s often not within their financial means. On the opposite end, as an artist, I realize a value must be placed representative of the time, materials, skill, and even heart poured into the work in order to create a life-enriching and sustainable business.

My hope is to remedy this gap. I believe art is for everyone.

Mandy’s art prints created exclusively for Fathom, available in our shop.
Mandy Rogers

How exactly are you inviting people into the art realm in an affordable way?

I am now offering a six-month subscription for my next series titled Here I Lay. Payments made over six months allow the buyer to purchase an original painting without the financial stress. This is similar to placing something on layaway, except in addition you’re invited into the art process through personalized emails, social media updates, and even snail mail! While the buyer is following along, I will be working hard to make their dream of owning artwork a reality! Upon the six month, they will not just receive a beautiful painting, but rather, a painting in which they were part of the journey.

How did this idea come to you?

This idea was actually presented to me by Eric Bowman, who designed my website. Eric works to build your business through the foundation of your values and core beliefs. He presented the idea as a way for me to further my connection with my clients as well as create a sustainable business model that services my values and purpose in pursuing art.

How does an artist work collaboratively with the buyer and still remain creatively engaged?

This ultimately depends on the buyer as much as it does the artist. As I engage with my subscribers, I will be asking questions with the hopes of engaging their heart in the process. I have often found that hearing from the hearts of others is the greatest inspiration for my art and ultimately what stirs me toward the creative process. As they respond, I will be listening intently with brush in hand, hoping to meet and encourage their hearts through their subscription.

What would you say is the benefit of being surrounded by art?

I would compare this to memorizing a quote or verse. The more often you’re around something, the more it takes root and begins to transform our thinking. Being surrounded by art thus has the power to transcend and influence us to see past ourselves. I believe art has the ability to remind us we are not alone, and that grace is evermore abounding.

Mandy Rogers
Mandy Rogers is an abstract painter mostly working in acrylic, while sometimes pulling out her oil and watercolor. She almost always has paint in her hair and on her clothes. Currently, she studios out of the Mill Street House in the heart of Lewisville, Texas, where she works with many outstanding creatives. You can see more of her work on her website or on Instagram.

Cover image of Mandy by Ashley Scarbrough.

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