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And I Weep

A Poem

Published on:
October 19, 2020
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I stand at the ocean and grasp handfuls of sand.

Not the dry stinging wind-carved sand of the dunes,
Nor the damp, hard-packed sand you can run on.

No. The wave-churned sand where the water meets the land.

I grasp handfuls of that sand and I squeeze.
Yet with the growing pressure,
The sand slides through my fingers, lost to that ocean.
I am powerless to stop the flow.

Your words, your memories now are like that sand.
Sluicing through fingers,
No squeezing can hold them.
Powerless to stop what is swept away,
Forever lost to that ocean that is all of us.

And I weep.

Donna McKinney
Donna B. McKinney is a writer, nana to four awesome grandchildren, and dog mom to two delinquent brown dogs. For a long while she wrote about science and technology for the U.S. Navy. These days she writes kids books on science and sports topics and also small group Bible studies for LifeWay Christian Resources.  On Sundays, you’ll find her leading adults in Bible study at Salem Baptist Church in Apex, North Carolina. You can connect with her on Instagram.

Cover Image by Hassan OUAJBIR

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