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Published on:
April 1, 2021
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And what will we speak of?

And what will we speak of?
When masks, vaccines, clean hands
Melt away from the tips of our tongues

Will we whisper of stolen hugs?
Of tears that couldn’t be wiped away
For they fell across a screen

Or will it quickly dim into the distant past?
Something in history books recalled as a hazy vision
Gazing only ahead ‘cause those weeks were so bleak

Will we laugh at the naked sensation
Of going to a grocery store maskless for the first time in years
Or the luxury of embracing friendly faces without fear

Or will we one day find our old, crumpled masks?
Chuckle at the reminder of our pleat-covered lips
Replay the days where we smiled with our eyes

And ponder with subtle fondness
The years where small surprises
Became profound presents?

Emily Zell
Emily Zell is from Saint Louis, MO, and is currently a junior at the University of Missouri studying Secondary English Language Arts Education and Art History.

Cover image by Brian Yurasits

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