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As a girl

A poem

Published on:
May 20, 2019
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As a girl, I loved my mother and
I belonged to her but
it was my father’s cologne,
English Leather, that I
poured drop by drop
on the face and heart and apron of
my Raggedy Ann doll until
the scent of him soaked through
the muslin and yarn and into
the cotton stuffing  
and rose to cover me
while I slept.

Sandee Finley
Sandee Finley is a wife and retired homeschool teacher of five who is finding her voice, or at least the courage to share it, at age fifty-six. While poetry is her go to, she also writes essays, liturgies, and children’s stories. Recently transplanted from rural Missouri to suburban Kansas, she is thrilled to be a part of a community of female artists who encourage and nudge one another to step out and speak up as living gospel-bearers. You can follow her on Twitter.

Cover photo by Kaylee Eden.

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