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Published on:
August 23, 2019
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These early springtime days—

When water maples cease
Their silent vigil, shed
Their sackcloth, and commence
In leafy decadence
To dance, as David did,
Before the God of peace.

When humble worker bees
Refrain from rationing
Their precious honey stock
And leave their hive to gawk
At how harsh snows could bring
Them flowers such as these.

When warbler scouts forget
Their fear of falcon wings
And resurrect their nests
While summoning their best
Vibrato just to sing,
“Already, but not yet.”

When she, my flesh and blood,
While climbing toward the sun,
Is spooked by some bird’s caw
And proves Sir Newton’s law,
Then I, a sinner, run
To kiss away the mud.

—I know that God is love.

Timothy Kleiser
Timothy Kleiser is a writer and teacher whose work has appeared inStill: The Journal, The Boston Globe, The Gospel Coalition, Deseret National, and elsewhere. He teaches philosophy and theology at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky where lives and plays with his wife, Jenna, and their daughter, Everly. They are part of the Sojourn Community Church family. You can follow him on Twitter.

Cover image by Shaun Montero

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