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Barley Field Theophany

Published on:
January 27, 2022
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Moses saw God descending in fire
That ringed the mountain top
With a trumpet’s deafening blast
As that mountain quaked God’s presence
Because sometimes God shows up,
With thunder-smoke and trembling. 

Isaiah saw a thrice-holy God
And six-winged seraphs
Bearing red-scorching coals
Because sometimes God shows up,
So high and lifted
That angel choirs raise an endless holy – holy – holy. 

Ezekiel saw God in a whirlwind
A sucking vortex of fire that consumed itself
With other-worldly brightness blazing forth.
And creatures whose beating wings
Echoed like marching armies.
Because sometimes God shows up,
with a voice that roars like many waters.

Those ancient prophets saw Him
In earth-quaking, smoke-churning, thunder-roaring visions
With a thousand wings fluttering their choruses of holies.

But sometimes God shows up in a barley field.
Where sweaty workers gather grain
Under blazing midday sun.
And they spill a little extra grain at the field’s edges
And a widow who turned away from Moab to start walking toward God
Finds her way to that barley field.
And there she gains
A seat at His table
A place in His family.
Because sometimes God shows up in a barley field ...

and Boaz begot Obed;
Obed begot Jesse,
and Jesse begot David.
(Ruth 4:21-22)

Donna McKinney
Donna B. McKinney is a writer and nana to four grandchildren. For a long while she wrote about science and technology for the U.S. Navy. These days she writes kids books on science and sports topics and also small group Bible studies for LifeWay Christian Resources.  You can connect with her on Instagram.

Cover image by Sixteen Miles Out.

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