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Basin Wrench

A poem

Published on:
April 13, 2020
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To think of being
bent and backwards
under the kitchen drain,
    my arms
  around PVC,
between bleach and Dawn,
ear shoulder neck
like a strained hanger,
in a fix
in a last-ditch move
I grasped for the gifted tool bag
and picked you up.

I didn’t even know your name.

But you stuck your neck out
like a friend, like a giraffe.

I almost laugh, remembering
how joy unwound me,
how that damn jammed nut
broke free in your teeth.

Josiah A.R. Cox
Josiah A.R. Cox is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He and his wife, Becca, currently live in New Haven, Connecticut, where he is a graduate student at Yale. He is studying poetics, theology, and literature. You can contact him at josiah.cox@yale.edu or via Twitter.

Cover image by Ryk Porras.

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