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Book of Days

Published on:
January 27, 2022
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Dashing to meet my husband’s oncologist,
Daybook gripped between elbow and ribs,
My shoe catches a crack in the sidewalk.
     The planner escapes







Shiny rings spring open
Sheets strew across the sidewalk
and the grassy verge.

Too astonished to cry out
I dive to claim my dispersed days,
fingers, hands, elbows, knees
splayed like a grownup game of Twister.

     doctors’ numbers

     sermon notes

     endless tasks 



     grocery lists

     names of books

     coffee dates

All will be lost.

Then a businessman bearing briefcase,

     a nanny in N95,

     a jogger sporting earbuds,

     three teens in trenchcoats

     and a man in MAGA hat

pause in their respective paths,
retrieve my scattered days,
return them to me,
damp, dirty, disheveled
but whole.

My rescuers resume disparate ways.
I stuff my days into their binder
to be sorted
within their shiny rings
when all of this is over.

A.C.S. Bird
A.C.S. Bird is a writer, editor, and market gardener living outside Eugene, Oregon, with her husband, teen daughter, twelve chickens, and eight pigeons. She reviews a wide range of books at https://birdsbooks.peregrines.net/.

Cover image by McKenna Phillips.

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