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A poem

Published on:
November 2, 2021
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Yes, let’s meet for breakfast
at some place where we can have
well-creamed coffee, happy-looking eggs,
and jellied toast. Some place where waitresses
attend, but not too much, with just the slightest
dash of drama. Some place where we can talk.

I’d like to know about your job, what it’s like
to work again after months away, whom you’ve met
and how the compass settings pointing you
along your way are changing now. Let me ask
as well about your family, tell me if the soil
that you enriched with care and blessing
is bearing pleasing fruit.

And I want to tell you of the path I’ve walked
since we last met: How dogged fog has veiled
the way ahead, and stumbling has slowed me so,
yet I’ve decided such a hamstrung pace
is what’s now best for me.
We talk; braiding words together,
the twining of a friendship.

And in all this, before we pay the bill,
check calendars, and part, I hope
to catch a glimpse of Christ
in you; and hope as well you see
him evident in me.

Robert Ritzema
Robert Ritzema is a psychologist by profession, partly retired now, living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, providing assistance for my elderly mother. He comes from a Reformed background and has been writing poetry as a spiritual practice for approximately thirty years.

Cover image by Krista Stucchio.

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