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Burning Bushes Everywhere

A poem

Published on:
April 22, 2020
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Wonder his thoughts when he first saw the flames,

A bush inexplicably engulfed in fire yet unconsumed.

Was it a trick of the eye

A play of the shadows, light against the dark?

And so he turned.

This poem is part of our April collection of poetry and short story contest winners.

Turned from an uninterrupted string of

     days of sheep, rocks, sand, scrub


Never-ending wilderness sunrises


Sameness melting into sameness.

Turned toward the white-light-bright

     burning bush

Turned to see flames pushing back the

darkness of a soul-weary world.

That fire in the wilderness,

a fissure in the veil separating the forever-out-there-beyond


from the predictable here and now,

time touching eternity.

Am I so captivated by the ordinary of today?

Transfixed by the mundane of an unfulfilling world

Distracted to death

The sameness melting into sameness.

That I miss the flaming evidence of the Kingdom breaking


With burning bushes everywhere.

Donna McKinney
Donna B. McKinney is a writer and nana to four grandchildren. For a long while she wrote about science and technology for the U.S. Navy. These days she writes kids books on science and sports topics and also small group Bible studies for LifeWay Christian Resources.  You can connect with her on Instagram.

Cover image by Fernando @cferdo.

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