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Conduits of Conversation

Because sometimes talking about the weather just doesn’t cut it

Published on:
October 10, 2016
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The idea of group conversation is always nice. Our minds conjure up images of friends old and new holding glasses and passing the bread. In your imaginary get-together, everyone laughs the way people do when they’re enjoying every second with every person (and, naturally, you told the joke). Then we get together in real life and conversation is anything but cinematic. We feel you. You gotta train for these moments. So we’re sharing the podcasts, books, essays, and newsletters that help our editors start worthwhile conversations with just about anyone.

On Being  |  NextDraft  |  Radiolab  |  Reason for God  |  The Hustle  |  Revisionist History  |  Zadie Smith Essays  |  This is Water

Go knock ’em dead. They’re going to love you. 

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