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Consecrate We Who Are Dust

A prayer

Published on:
March 11, 2019
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Almighty God, maker of the universe and sustainer of all life, beside whom we are dust, we have come today to ask of you,

   You, whose glory burns the mountain tops,

   Whose arm stretches the sky across the expanse of heaven,

   Whose eyes perceive the inmost thoughts of every hidden heart,

   Whose feet stand on the roaring ocean as though it were but grass,

   Whose ear has held the small sound of the infant's cry,

To ask that you would bend your mightiness and meet us here.

    Us, whose pride plunges us into the darkness of the deep,

   Whose arms rise so often in anger and not in justice,

   Whose eyes so often look on each other in envy and not in love,

   Whose feet so often trample the weaker and not run to their aid,

   Whose ears are so often closed to the cry of the helpless.

Meet us here as we confess our sins against you,

As we petition your forgiveness,

As we proclaim the grace of Christ.

   Christ, whose humility lifts us from the prison of our own making,

   Whose arms stretched for the the iron penalty of our rebellion,

   Whose eyes gazed with love upon those who clamored for his death,

   Whose feet will once more stand upon the earth in victory,

   Whose ears leap at the words, Lord save me.

Consecrate us by your Spirit, our God, to your purpose today,

   That we may receive the joy of your grace in us,

   That we may know your love for us,

   That we may embrace your commands to us,

That the story of your greatness may be written large in our lives,

   By the wind of the Spirit,

   For the glory of your name,

   And the vindication of your Son,


Jed Ostoich
Jed Ostoich is a writer, editor, and the Dwight of his office. He has his BA from Moody Bible Institute in Hebrew, and his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary in OT Biblical Theology. When he’s not marking up other people’s words, he’s reading up on Magic the Gathering or down the rabbit hole of YouTube. Jed lives with his wife and four kids in Grand Rapids. You can find him on Twitter @TheJeditor.

Cover photo by Aqil Zufar.

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