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Published on:
July 9, 2019
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If nothing else, find relief

in having said everything

that you’ve needed to

after waiting for so long.

Maggie Swofford
Maggie is a queer Christian poet who is passionate about creating new perspectives on faith through her poetry. She reads and writes poetry that explores reality via unique imagistic language and metaphors. She also loves outer space, fashion, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s watercolors, and works in marketing for a publishing company in Boston, MA.
Illustration by Lisa Tindall
Lisa Anne Tindal
Lisa Anne Tindal is a creative who writes and paints to spark curiosity over Jesus and to bring a sense of God’s comfort to readers or viewers of her art. Through writing and painting her hope is to move people from a place of hopelessness due to childhood or adult trauma towards a new strength and hope offered by Jesus, irrevocable redemption. Lisa Anne blogs at https://quietconfidence-artandword.blog. A survivor of childhood and adult trauma, Lisa Anne understands the deep wounds of abuse.  Her words are intentionally honest about such horrors, yet she writes with a steadfast conviction to move forward, to continue. Continue and believe.
Illustration by Gregory Kolsto
Gregory Kolsto
Gregory Kolsto is a painter, writer and illustrator from Kansas City, MO. He is also a husband, father of three, and shares his home with a large, blonde bull mastiff.  You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.
Illustration by Gabriella Stevenson
Gabriella Stevenson
Gabriella is a 22 year-old teaching assistant at a Christian primary school in London. She enjoys interpreting bible passages and poems in artwork. When not painting, Gabriella can be found practising her mother’s skill of ‘tweaking’ cake recipes.
Illustration by Hannah DeRespino
Hannah DeRespino
Hannah DeRespino is a visual artist from Maine who enjoys dabbling in whatever medium strikes her fancy - colored pencil, photography, and some typographical design are her favorites of the moment. She’s currently assessing what direction her love of all things creative will take her in terms of career, but her love of storytelling through visual and media is something that has been and continues to be one of the greatest and most valued gifts in her life.

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