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Published on:
November 22, 2017
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Advent seems to be coupled with that ever present word in evangelicalism—intentional. And this time, we agree. There’s just something about celebrating the birth of the Savior of the whole world that begs a concerted effort be made to notice how thin the veil between heaven and your kitchen table can feel. At Fathom, we like that about Christmas and we didn’t want anyone of you to miss out on it (plus, we all happen to be Bible nerds). So, we made something for you. Two things, actually. Both are guides to help fill your mind with the realities of the Savior whose birth we celebrate at Christmas so that you might awaken further to the wonder of our God. 

Personal and Group Advent Guide

Take a deep dive into the Messiah: the promise, arrival, and present reality of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Our media director and podcast producer Drew Fitzgerald created a guide that takes a look at a different scripture each day of Advent and offers a short commentary along with a few questions or suggestions to consider. Each day is meant to pique your curiosity, encourage conversations with your local community, and lead you to see the Messiah all over this Christmas season. 

It’s ten dollars, downloadable, printable at home, or accesible on whichever device you’d like to use.

Family Advent Guide

The pressure to work as much of the Christmas story into your children’s minds as possible is palable in the parenting corner of the Christian internet. Our editor-in-chief Kelsey Hency felt that pressure when her youngest daughter turned two.

But what she realized is that more doesn’t equal retention. In fact, less does. Daily Advent guides were too much for children who needed to hear something seventeen-ish times before they repeated it correctly. So, she made a guide that tells the arc of the Bible story but relies on repetition and simplicity. Bonus: if your busy hoilday schedule means you miss a day, that’s okay. This guide understands you and your family.

It’s five dollars, downloadable, printable at home, or accesible on whichever device you’d like to use.

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