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First Grade Feminist

A poem

Published on:
February 11, 2019
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you were the bravest boy                                you were the sweetest boy
at recess and                                                     on the *M*A*S*H* lists and

                                           everybody knew it

mud-stained keds                                            glitter gel pens
would fall in line                                              would scratch a line
behind yours, knuckles tight                         through mansions and Paris

around birchwood branches,                         without a thought,
ready to follow you                                          but they’d hesitate when
into any battle                                                  nearing your name

at your charge                                                   you never made it
every boy                                                           on my list
became a knight                                               until the day

every passing cloud                                         you refused
a fiery beast                                                       to rescue willowy girls
Excalibur hidden in                                         and handed to me

                                        a birchwood branch 

Laura Kauffman
Laura Kauffman lives and writes in the Loess Hills of Iowa. After receiving her Master's degree in counseling, she traded in her couch and clipboard for sippy cups and strollers. Now you can find her roaming the woods with her personal band of Lost Boys, searching for the holy in the mundane.  Or you can find her on Instagram.

Cover photo by Amanda Belec.

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