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Fox World

Published on:
June 1, 2022
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The metal garage door groaned
with a familiar monotonous malaise
and I drove the wet, gray
back roads toward work in
an apathetic, uninspired stupor


a near-mythic beast posed
on the foot bridge, waiting for me,
blessing me with a glimpse of its
brushfire coat and tawny oval eyes,
brindled electric tail, too-big ears,


inexplicable peace. More revered than
mutts, more majestic than felines,
this red vixen brimmed with divinity,
the eternal, the other, the truth;
the thunderclap to keep me sleepless,


before the brake engaged, the fox vanished,
bouncing across the gilded meadow,
a weightless pixie, leaving me to reckon
with this strange magic, this celestial good;
eyes wide to the day full before me.


a fox remade my day, my being by being.
What tenderness could thrive if everyone
in our town fox marveled daily?
Better yet, what unfathomable good
would flourish in a fox world?

F.C. Shultz
F.C. Shultz is an author and poet whose poetry has appeared in Ekstasis Magazine, Amethyst Review, and The Show Bear Family Circus. He is the poetry editor for The Joplin Toad and he lives in the Midwest with his wife and two kids who are tired of him asking, "Did you see that bird?" You can find him online at fcshultz.com.

Cover image by Erik Mclean.

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