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Gold & Fire

A poem

Published on:
January 14, 2019
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Like gold and fire they flash
Rustling, stirring
Against an unseen breath
From an unrivaled hand 

Thin and frail, yet able
To catch the morning light
As stems branch into climbing veins
Carrying life and water and strength 

Isn’t it He who opens His palm
And quenches the thirst of every living thing?
In His arms are the depths of the earth,
Where streams turn into rivers swallowed by oceans 

And with this breath the sky clears
A new day bursts
As He pulls the sun from its resting place behind the line.

Anna Elmira
Anna Elmira writes from her seaside home in beautiful Nova Scotia where she lives with her surfer husband, Justin. Born and raised in Ontario, she lived in South Africa with her family for two years as a teenager, followed her traveler’s heart through many countries, and has finally put down roots in the Maritimes. She holds her BA in Psychology and Visual Arts and works in children’s mental health. Anna blogs and shares her music at www.wildernesslikeeden.com.

Cover photo by freestocks.org.

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