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A poem

Published on:
March 11, 2019
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I stand in caverns where darkness is like dew
whetting the crevices I cannot fill with enough treasure
to satisfy the beast of emptiness, growling in agony
for more, always more. Can someone fill this space
and bring me food and some warmth?

I stand on a blood-spattered hill, a towering
crucifix looming over my shivering body as I feast
on bread and wine bestowed by a carpenter’s hands.
Can I follow your every step and resting place,
though you insist that I stay here?

I stand across the waters where the Spirit hovers,
a Jordan I cannot cross without the seas parting.
Where is the prophet with his snake-turned staff,
or the power of grace with its merciful laugh
to see me to the other side?

I stand bewitched at the sight of glory’s gate
wrapped in wreaths of roses and baby’s breath blooms,
glimmering gold as light more soothing than the sun.
Will you unlatch this kingdom’s doors of precious pearls?
Won’t you let me into my dwelling?

I bask now in the great presence of he
Who swallowed my questions in the midst of sea
He wrapped a robe of his purity around me
My blurred eyes are at last allowed to see
The place where I am fully free

Lindsey Mitchell
Lindsey Mitchell is a student at Colorado Christian University where she is studying to be a middle school and high school English teacher. She loves writing poetry and children’s literature and hopes to publish more works in the future. When not engulfed in her studies, Lindsey lives with her family in their quaint home town of Chaska, Minnesota.

Cover photo by Tim Mossholder.

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