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Holy Ground

Published on:
April 1, 2021
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Boot bottoms, dusty with holy ground, trampled
Divine abundance desiccated by gulping
greed and inebriated industry

Land watered by war and plowed by gore
Opulence obtained through oppression
Suffering sown as seed

Flags planted instead of freedom
The stolen ground grumbles and beneath it
the blood of stolen bodies groans

Loam—once fertile and fruitful—
now crumbles, as parched and poisoned
as the American church witness

Stewardship forsaken for profit
Creation exploited, embezzled
The plunder hailed as God’s bounty

Cultivating dispossession, a mockery
of freedom. We pledge blind allegiance
to truth untold, praise a hidden history

Shoulders proud, hands over hearts
of stone, erecting monuments
where we should be kneeling graveside

Christine Prater
Christine Prater is a poet, songwriter and theology geek. Her passion for inviting folks to the  kingdom table drives her studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and fuels her advocacy for  the forsaken and forgotten. Christine lives in the Lake Travis area of Austin, Texas with her  handsome hubby and two fur-babies (one sinner, one saint). She’s a lover of awkward  conversations about thought-provoking topics and anything that takes place outdoors or  requires words. You can find and follow on her Website, Instagram, and Twitter.

Cover image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

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