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A Poem

Published on:
December 10, 2019
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the pine trees are praying
thousands of cones
millions of scales and bracts
sizzling crackling voices raised
in supplication
are they asking for courage to open
although winter may not be over
and freezing rain might yet
silver trunk and limb and needle
are they begging to be brave enough
to shrug off self-protection
and cast seeds of life wherever
the wind might blow

the woman in the park walking her dog
says oh they just snap and fizz like that
because the sun dries the cones
she’s right of course
but when she moves on I stay behind
I let the trees pray
for me 

Jeannie Prinsen
Jeannie Prinsen lives with her husband, daughter, and son in Kingston, Ontario, where she teaches an online course in essay writing at Queen’s University. Her writing has previously appeared in Fathom, Relief, Barren, and elsewhere. Find her online on Twitter: @JeanniePrinsen.

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