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John 11:25

A poem

Published on:
April 11, 2017
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Grasping for something to say, something to know.
Beyond what we refuse to acknowledge,
hoping to find a way of coping
with the finality of                     nothing

Writing, thinking, and feeling.
Searching for ways to construct an afterlife
that can’t help but resemble life,
ignoring the paradox.

A desperate desire to create a reality
that extends beyond an elegant engraving.
A fresh pile of earth. 

All existence reduced to a name,
one chosen by someone else.
The curse of knowledge follows us
to places we know nothing about. 

That doesn’t sit well,
so we order it to stand,
to march, to move, to change.
Until we get it right.

 Back to the drawing board.

Nothing is final, not even death.

Ilya Manzyuk
A transplant from Sacramento, CA, Ilya is currently a ThM student at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Cover image by Katie Fisher.

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