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For Gabriella

Published on:
February 11, 2019
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We sit together, enthroned in laughter
Brought on by as little as a sidewards
Smile, or as much as a memory; past joy
Made wonderfully present again. And
This laughter shared contains more than
Sweetness, it is laughter which remembers
More than cause, but the pain and sorrow
that made it sweet.
Within our laughter, is the darkness of
The world, maimed in a giggling
‘Yet shall I praise him;’
And the darkness comprehended it not. 

Ryan Gray
Ryan Gray, originally from Northern Ireland, currently lives in London. Having studied Bass Trombone at the Royal College of Music, he is currently pursuing an MA in Christianity and the Arts at Kings College London. He has a particular interest in thinking and writing about embodiment, illness and the role of the arts in the Christian life. He enjoys reading, music and his Mums' orange cheesecake.

Cover photo by Andrei Lazarev.

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