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A poem

Published on:
February 8, 2017
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1 min.
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I feel my life divided
By the ways he looked at me
The first look, of hate and disgust
When he found I was not
Who he thought and hoped I was
The second, one of pity
When the kind man inside
Recognized a more shameful lot
The third, a look of partners
We raised our sons and daughters
But the only look I ever wanted
Was for him to look at me
The way he looked at her

Todd Agnew
Todd Agnew is a husband, father, student at Dallas Theological Seminary, and singer-songwriter. He’s best known for his songs “Grace Like Rain,” “My Jesus,” and “Our Great God.” You can see more of his music at toddagnew.com, and follow him on Twitter @AgnewsDei and Facebook at Todd Agnew Music.

Cover image by Nicole Mason.

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