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Lenten Prayers: Luke 4: 1-4

A poem

Published on:
March 31, 2020
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1 min.
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Jesus, forgive us for our nearsightedness:
when you speak of quenching our thirst,
we see only that you lack a bucket,
when you speak of being fed by God,
we see only your clean and empty hands. 

Jesus, grant us eyes to see:
your spirit like electricity, that invisible dolphin
leaping from neuron to neuron to marvelous neuron,
your truth like gravity, that unseen string strung
between moon and earth, earth and sun,

and us, your sisters and brothers, so beloved,
and still so slow to learn. 

Julie Sumner
Julie Sumner is a writer who has worked as a critical care nurse, transplant coordinator, and massage therapist. She recently completed her MFA at Seattle Pacific University. Her work has appeared in Fathom, The Cresset, Juxtaprose, San Pedro River Review, Catalpa Magazine, and The Behemoth.

Cover image by Denny Müller.

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