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Meet Storied. Our Book Club.

This August we are launching a book club.

Published on:
July 17, 2017
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You may have noticed that we like stories over at Fathom. Actually, we believe everyone likes stories. We are made in the image of the great Storyteller, the Author of life. So by nature, we fill our lives with tales of meaning and purpose that help us make sense of all we do and all we see. 

In the pages of a novel we gather more of the stories that help us find our way through this life, but sometimes it’s better to find our way together. So, Fathom is launching Storied, an online book club aimed at creating real conversation around fictional stories. 

Here’s how it’ll go.

Register to join.

The Storied book club is a place for real conversations about fictional stories. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s simple to join.

Every month our editor, Collin Huber, will pick one of the most impressive novels he can find for your reading pleasure. First novel up is Exit West by Mohsin Haimd. Then he'll post discussion questions, host live conversations, share quotes, and give out hot takes on a private Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram.

Joining in is simple.

We’re eagerly waiting to wade into the wonders of each novel with you, but don’t worry, no one’s asking for a promise ring. Sign up to get access to the private Facebook group, and then you can read along every month or whenever it suits you.

What We’re Reading

To kick off Storied, we will be reading Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. Set in a city with no name, the story follows Nadia and Saeed who begin a casual yet intimate relationship as civil war threatens to consume their homeland.

While many of their countrymen fight each other, Nadia and Saeed fight for their own survival. Soon, rumors of secret doors begin to spread, doors believed to transport the willing to safety for a price. With few resources and even fewer options, the young couple trades in everything for a chance to pass through a door and what they hope will be a better future.

Let’s get to reading.

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