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Of Sin

A poem

Published on:
July 17, 2017
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Once chaos cracked the firmament,
Its offspring drowned the land.
Now sunlight strikes the atmosphere
Like blows of Father’s hand.

What grace is light? What grace is Law?
What grace is sacrifice
To those who, born of flesh, confuse
With sacrifice our vice?

From chariots, you led us hence
Through sea to holy hill.
But though enslaved to whip and brick,
By covenant you kill.

The sons of Israel await
At Sinai’s rise; we wake
In twilight, perpetrate again
Our poisoned womb’s mistake.

Let Moses exorcise the sons
By Levi’s sable sword,
For though we bear the name of God,
We serve another lord.

So chaos drowns the firmament
And justice scalds the sky,
And we, the citizens of Sin,
We die.
We only die.

Patrick Pace
Patrick Pace drinks coffee through a stir straw. He also writes at patrickdpace.com and @patrickdpace.

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