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Published on:
June 29, 2021
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On hearing Luke 5

“one day
as Jesus was standing
by the Lake of Gennesaret”

I stood also
and watched
silently, as
Jesus boarded
one of the boats

to minister
to the men whom
he would call my brothers

I stood quietly
and watched
aching, as
Jesus called
those men to his side

“follow me”
he said to them
“you will fish for men”

I stand, believing
that he meant “people”
but still
the translations will persist

“fishers of
men” rings in my
ears as I remember him

He stood, walking
truth, broad
shoulders and
rough hands
man in the flesh

and yet
he wept at death
and now
he weeps still

He stands there
in my mind’s eye
face aflame
at Lazarus’s dark tomb

one day
all children will inherit
not just the eldest son

but for now
he rides
in their
boat and
walk the shore.  

Chandra Crane
Chandra Crane (MA, Reformed Theological Seminary) is the mixed ministry coordinator for the multiethnic initiatives department of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and author of the book Mixed Blessing: Embracing the Fullness of Your Multi-Ethnic Identity.

Cover image by Mauricio Artieda

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