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One Those Holdin' On Kind of Days

A poem

Published on:
August 20, 2020
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Today is one those holdin’ on
kind of days—

        Where I remember
        we were sold and chained, baptized
        with the fire hose and fire bombed
        in the house of the Lord.

       We were strung up on trees,
       swinging in breezes, and told
       Jesus was pleased with our oppression.

       We were packed in boats, now we’re
       packed in cages. If we can’t slave ‘em,
       incarcerate ‘em.

       The shadows of crosses ablaze were
       cast over our homes, followed by bricks
       and stones shattering our windows.

      Our bodies have been riddled with bullets
      from service weapons, and we were treated
      like worms when we returned from service.

     We’ve marched and protested, and y’all
     still ain’t heard us, and the silence remains
     as we keep getting murdered.

But today is one of those holdin’ on
kind of days, where I remember that
through all of the above we still remain.

And we will remain.

Drew Jackson
Born in Williamstown, NJ, Drew Jackson studied Political Science at the University of Chicago, and went on to gain his M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.Drew serves as Pastor of Hope East Village, a new church plant within the Hope Church NYC family, whose mission is to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by seeking the flourishing of the East Village, the Lower East Side, and all of New York City. Drew is deeply committed to seeing the contemplative life, and the work of prophetic justice and peacemaking embodied in his own life, his writing, and within the life of the church. He is blessed to share life with his wife Genay, and their twin daughters, Zora and Suhaila.

Cover image by Beth Tate

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