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Prayer of Abundance

Published on:
August 23, 2019
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1 min.
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I have more than enough
pieces of myself to live

off of: crystal lights pointing
their fingers into my open eyes

through the whisper ripples
in my snowdrift crabapple tree,

planets far enough outside
the corners of my eyes

that I don’t have to worry
about their intentions,

fresh moments of internal
combustion like a new star,

ideas always slinking back
into my shadows. I have taken

the smallest amount of space
and whooped it into a joyful nebula

of comfort and beauty. I am
surviving and alone and I am not

lacking in anything to make
my life as fertile as it is,

and may it always be so.

Maggie Swofford
Maggie Swofford is a marketing associate and assistant editor at Hendrickson Publishers on Boston’s North Shore. In her free time, she can be found ogling Impressionist art and scribbling bits of poetry and memoir in her writer’s notebook. Connect with her on Instagram or Twitter @magswofford and her website.

Cover image by NASA

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