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Published on:
September 20, 2021
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River Walk

“Let’s not,” I say
As I hand the shell back,
“I don’t want a pocket of sand today.”

But still, I keep combing the shore.
My pocket fills up more and more.

With dull-colored river clams,
Spirally snails,
Barnacled ones remind me of whales.

Some shine iridescent on the ground.
They capture my view,
I neglect every sound.

An eagle circles over fanned-out trees,
And wind churns the river as if it were sea.

I dig with my toe
To uncover one more.
Broken, chipped, I toss to the floor.

My family stands gathered.
I raise my head,
Let go of the shell, and join them instead.

Timarie Friesen
Timarie Friesen writes, reads, and enjoys music. She leads an online community of writers for Gospel-Centered Discipleship and serves as an editor for Owl’s Nest Publishers. She and her husband, Mark, live in northern Iowa with their three children. To see more of her writing, find her on Twitter or at timariefriesen.com.

Cover image by xiaokang Zhang.

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