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A poem

Published on:
April 13, 2020
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Rocking is the thing that happened
When “I’m sorry” was on repeat
When my soul darkened
When I no longer felt cold or heat

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stay still
Grief broke my heart’s gate
Uninvited, against my will
Foundation stones trembled at its weight

Yet sorrow heralded the coming of my King
Teaching me what it means to weep
But also how to sing
His love is steadfast and deep

Michaela O'Neal
Michaela O’Neal is a people-loving-gypsy-homebody, a Jill of many trades and master of none, a dabbler in photography, words, art, music, plants or anything that has beauty. She likes her music loud, her cars old, and her vacations by the sea. Let her climb on a coastal cliff with a book, a blanket and a cup of Chai waiting at the top and she’ll be the happiest clam there ever was. Find her on Instagram or Twitter @reformingjoy but also in the hills of Northern California learning how to look to Jesus in everything, how to love Him and others more and how to live in light of eternity.

Cover image by Issara Willenskomer 

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