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Christmas Poetry Series | No. 3

Published on:
December 21, 2017
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Mary sang Magnificat passing protests in the street

Mary sang Magnificat
while Herod made sacrifices at the temple 

Mary sang Magnificat
as corrupt tax collectors like Levi—named for priests
—robbed her family

Mary sang the Magnificat
as Herod dashed the heads of her son’s peers 

Mary sang Magnificat
as her son was murdered by the state

Mary sang Magnificat
as an occupying policeman looked on her dead son
and said, This is God’s Son 

Mary sang, My spirit rejoices in my Savior.
From what, in her life, was she saved?

Mary sang Magnificat—to her daughters-in-law
grinding grain with her sons’ sons at their breasts—sang
to men like Matthew

and Luke who listened over meals and wrote down
an orderly account to remember His mercy. 

Scatter my thoughts turn my throne send me away

Seth Wieck
Seth Wieck grew up on a dryland farm in a region that receives less than twenty inches of rain per year. His father counseled him to leave agriculture, so he earned his BA in English and philosophy from West Texas A&M University. He now lives in Amarillo with his wife and three children. His stories, poetry, and essays can be found in various publications, including Narrative Magazine and Curator Magazine.
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Cover image by Marius Masalar.

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