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Some Things Will Never Be Okay

A poem

Published on:
March 11, 2019
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1 min.
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The airplanes I
painted for his
nursery are tucked
away in a box
beneath my bed. 

What do you

with a painting
and no place
to hang it and
a love that can
never be

Well, there are
more ways to
drown than by

This love
heavy in my
lungs on my
bones in my

I flail and kick
and fight for air, a
single moment of

No, some things will
never be okay. 

But, right now I’m
watching the mist
gather and settle above
the pond and I’m
breathing for a moment,
a little deeper and that
is enough for me. 

Kristen Ladd
Kristen Ladd is an actor, director, and writer who lives in a cozy apartment in the heart of New York City. Her favorite things include rainy days, laughter, and booking last minute flights to places she’s never been. She is profoundly grateful for her friends and family who continue to show up, cheer and champion each other on, and as Mary Oliver says, “strive to lift the darkness.”

Cover photo by Thomas Jarrand.