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A poem

Published on:
June 10, 2020
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1 min.
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Amid our new found whirlwind romance, he brought me to rest.
To an open grassy field that had been passed down through his family.
He parked his red pick-up and gave me a sly smile.
Clueless as he guided me through the darkness.
A soft voice broke the night,
"look up."
The dark sky was accented with stars
clearer than I'd ever seen.
"I brought you here because it's different in this place.
No street lights ahead, just an open horizon."
In my entire life,
I'd never seen the stars as he had.
Raw and open in all their glory.
That night, he taught me to remember
what is worth fully immersing yourself in.
Even if you have to drive far and wide
down a country road to find it.
I later asked him how often he visited those stars.
A relaxing breath followed by,
"I look up when I can."

Kelli Lage
Kelli Lage lives in the countryside with her husband, Ryan, and dog, Cedar. Lage uses poetry as a way to illustrate the vast peace that can be found in nature when one truly takes a moment to bask in all its glory. She also uses her words to process the valleys she has walked through in life. Lage is here to give readers words that resonate and bring peace.

Cover Image by Tim Foster.

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