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Published on:
May 17, 2021
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as children we are told
to settle down — to learn
to tame the fires inside us.
that we must learn to behave
with utmost dignity and tact,
lest we become vigilantes
and rebels waving our swords
in careless rage. and so they
throw buckets of water
on every spark that arises,
afraid we will set ourselves
and the world around us aflame.

but what if we taught our children
to tend to their fires — to appreciate
the glow and warmth they can bring
without ever harming others.
to let them burn in the afterlight
of the day as the blazing souls
they were made to be, confident
in their ability to seize the night
and rob it of its terror
in their brilliant deluge
of light and ardor,
making the Unknown more
visible, even til they are
but embers.

anna b.
anna b. believes Truth is a person and hopes her writing helps you understand Him, and therefore yourself, better. You can find more of her words on instagram, @annabethsolo.

Cover image by Josh Felise

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