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the approaching

Published on:
January 30, 2023
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Exodus 3 

did you see it first in the
chorus of beating wings
taking flight, far off in the
gleam of
a dusty pink sky,
the horizon flat and undulating,
you were here, alive,
dust and soil caked in your toenails,
your weathered hand gripping a rough shorn staff? 

and then, perhaps, did you
sniff the air
once, maybe twice?

something had changed;
something was changing—

the roaring within you couldn’t be
every heartbeat too, too loud
the goosebumps tingling up your arms
you open your eyes 

and there, far off, so faint
you possibly almost missed it: 

a glow—not the twinkle of
the stars you knew from gazing,
but the dangerous kind,
the kind that
you pay attention
and fall, headlong,
into the mystery of it all.

Isabel Ong
Isabel Ong is the associate Asia editor at Christianity Today. Originally from Singapore, she currently calls Canada home. She holds a master's in Christian studies from Regent College and a B.A. in English literature from Nanyang Technological University. Find her creative work on izzabelle.co or Instagram, @izzabelle_co.
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Cover image by Gleb Lukomets.