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The Comforts of Home

A poem

Published on:
August 10, 2018
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For my brother
When we came down from Toccoa
Saw the rising sun
Saw flocks of clouds like mourning doves
Rising east of Royston
Saw the towns of Georgia
Sleeping along the way
Saw spreading trees in Nunez
You made it out okay
Five hours in Dad’s back seat
A sunrise and a prayer
Eighteen months of penance
And you were almost there
Tried not to cry at your ceremony
When I heard “Second Grace”
Tried to pay attention
And read the look on your face
The sun was high and hazy
The shadows getting long
Stopped for gas in Milledgeville
You said there was nothing wrong
Later, made progress and backslid
Later got really pissed
It was the comforts of home
You said you’d mostly missed

Cover image by Joshua Ness.

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