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The kingdom of heaven is like

Published on:
May 22, 2023
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a metal cart stacked with noodle bowls
circulating the first floor after service,
sloshing broth as it swerves
to avoid all the children who’ve
reached their limit in the foyer.

We greet the cart pushers in
several languages as they make the rounds.

This is what I think of when
someone wonders why I still follow
Jesus: It’s not because of tradition or
the wear and tear of habit or even
the promise of a life absent of hell.

It’s the daily walking, the come and eat.
It’s the feast we’ve all been invited to:
a meal that comes rattling toward us
simply because we’re here.

Kara Pyo
Kara Pyo writes at the stove and the playground about the complexities of intercultural life and motherhood. She lives in Korea with her husband and four children. To read more of her poetry, visit @bykpyo on Instagram.

Cover image by Jakub Kapusnak.

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