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The Tearing of the Green

A poem

Published on:
June 10, 2020
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1 min.
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The acorn
in warm soil
soaks itself

it swells
to nearly twice
its former size

no one
who walks above
hears it groan

no one
hears the slow
split crack open

no one
sees the shell
soften and decay

no one
sees the seed
feed on itself

we only see
the sprout shoot up

we only see
the child of the oak.

Paul J. Pastor
Paul J. Pastor is an award-winning writer, an editor with Penguin Random House, and the author of The Face of the Deep (David C. Cook), The Listening Day (Zeal Books), and Palau: A Life on Fire (Zondervan). This poem is from his forthcoming poetry collection, tentatively titled Bower Lodge. He lives in a ghost town near Portland, Oregon. You can find his work at www.pauljpastor.com and follow him on Twitter @pauljpastor.

Cover Image by Anastasia Zhenina 

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