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The Tent

A poem

Published on:
April 22, 2019
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     a bounty of bliss
     child-like and buoyant
     a tent pitched in the apartment

desires that were
     or numbed
     or entertained away
eventually bring tears
     unearthed and uncovered
     heavy and hot
     rising up quick and flowing strong

a tent pitched in the apartment
waits with welcome
     to leave cares aside
     to laugh with my beloved
     and feel his warmth
invites with quiet
     to imagine together
     to breathe in stillness
     and silliness

stars punctuate the sky,
     and we should gaze at their brightness
critters fill the wilderness,
     and we should listen to their song
thoughts come to mind,
     and we should share their meanderings
jokes pepper the air,
     and we should lean into their levity

is this how the Father gives consolation?
     his own presence
     but also
     the tent pitched in the apartment?
is this how the Lord shows kindness?
     full of himself
     but also
     full of good things
     given when we need them?

even young marriage can taste
     the weariness of the world
even young marriage needs
     a tent pitched in the apartment
     to look back on
     or make
     when the cold world comes
an ebeneezer of goodness
     both remembered
     and recreated
     over and over again
and so we will pitch our tent
     of child-like rest
     over and over again

Haley Baumeister
Haley Baumeister lives in Columbia, Missouri, sharing life with her husband Jakob. She is restlessly curious about any and everything, and always seeking to learn. You can find her trying new recipes in the kitchen, growing plants, enjoying the sunniest spot available, and reading, watching, or listening to stories.

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