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Towards the Sunset

A poem

Published on:
February 11, 2019
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it’s fierce and I am floundering:
irked by the unscheduled detour,
your face, and how many people were right.

who authorized these feelings?
where are the forms in triplicate?
this cape was GUARANTEED to make me invisible. 

I didn’t brush your fingers on purpose,
matches sparking in the dark,
laughing, warmed through, and seen.

Danielle Pollock
Danielle Pollock lives in rural Connecticut, and spends most of her free time driving to get to other places. She likes IPAs, smoking pipes in graveyards, and good-natured arguments about theology. Her writing can be found at TorreyGazette.com, or you can follow her on Twitter @impudentearworm.

Cover photo by Elizabeth Tsung.

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