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Warmth of Another Kind

A Poem

Published on:
December 10, 2019
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I fed another log to the stove
Then pressed my lips to your nose. “You stay
Warm. I’ll grab dinner.” You smiled, “I’d much
Rather go,” and sat up with a groan.

After ransoming the car, we shoved
Off into the sea of snow. I played
“Anchor” by Novo Amor. You clutched
Your collar as the air bit your bones.

Then, casting aside your calfskin gloves,
You laced our fingers, as if to say:
“It is better to freeze with your touch
Than to run in the sun on my own.”

Timothy Kleiser
Timothy Kleiser is a writer and teacher whose work has appeared inStill: The Journal, The Boston Globe, The Gospel Coalition, Deseret National, and elsewhere. He teaches philosophy and theology at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky where lives and plays with his wife, Jenna, and their daughter, Everly. They are part of the Sojourn Community Church family. You can follow him on Twitter.

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