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What Courage Looks Like

Published on:
January 27, 2020
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What does courage look like?

It looks like Eve trusting the Lord will provide an offspring as she buries one and the other walks away. 

It looks like Tamar holding up a signet, cord, and staff to save her unborn sons.

It looks like Shiphrah and Puah defying the Pharaoh because they feared the king of kings.

It looks like Zipporah bloodying a flint to keep covenant when her husband did not.

It looks like the daughters of Zelophehad standing before the prophet, priests, and chiefs to demand their inheritance.

It looks like Rahab hiding the spies and hanging the scarlet cord.

It looks like Jael crushing the enemy’s head with a hammer and peg.

It looks like Ruth gleaning beneath Yahweh’s wings.

It looks like Hannah giving her son to the Lord of hosts.

It looks like Abigail sneaking out with provisions to keep the king from bloodguilt.

It looks like Esther going to the king, not knowing if she would perish.

It looks like Mary believing what was spoken to her from the Lord.

It looks like Anna spending her life in the temple, waiting for the redemption of Israel.

It looks like a woman of Samaria going back to her town to tell others about the Christ.

It looks like an untouchable woman reaching out to touch the garments of Jesus.

It looks like a Canaanite woman believing she will receive crumbs of grace.

It looks like “that sort of woman,” breaking an alabaster flask to anoint the feet of her savior.

It looks like Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna, and many other women who traveled with Jesus and the Twelve and provided for them out of their means.

It looks like Mary choosing the good portion, sitting at the Lord’s feet.

It looks like the women at the cross and at the tomb, despite hostile crowds and armed guards.

It looks like Eunice teaching her son the faith despite her husband’s unbelief.

It looks like Lydia hosting missionaries and the church in her home.

It looks like Priscilla with her husband explaining the way of God to the famous preacher.

It looks like Phoebe carrying a letter to Rome.

It looks like Euodia and Syntyche laboring side-by-side with Paul in the gospel.

It looks like the bride, the wife of the Lamb, enduring all manner of hardship in faith until the bridegroom appears.

Eric Schumacher
Eric Schumacher is a husband, father, pastor, author, and songwriter. He is the co-author of Jesus & Gender: Living as Sisters and Brothers in Christ (April 2022) with Elyse Fitzpatrick. He and Elyse co-host the Worthy podcast and co-wrote Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women. Eric's other books include the novella My Last Name and the forthcoming book Ours: Biblical Comfort for Men Grieving Miscarriage (June 2022). He lives in Iowa with his wife and five children. Find him online at emschumacher.com.

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