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A World Without End

A poem

Published on:
November 2, 2021
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Time is tragic.

Always enough to mess things up,
but never enough to set things right.

Always enough to experience beauty,
but never enough to exhaust it.

Always ample for the wicked,
but scarce for the humble.

Each day,
weighing us down,
breaking our bones,
dragging down our skin.


In time’s fullness,
Weight was lifted,
Dry bones enlivened,
Dead bodies lifted up.

Beau Pruitt
Beau Pruitt lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Danielle, and their dog, Luna. He earned his Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Currently, he serves as a history teacher at a high school in austin. He is a reader, a film lover, and a friend.

Cover image by Alexander Debiève.

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