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A Fathom advent article roundup

Published on:
December 20, 2018
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Over the years we have had some noteworthy work published here at Fathom during the advent season. The relevance of those pieces is as cyclical as the season of advent. We don’t want you to miss out on what’s been written in advents season past, so we have put them all together where you can find them. Happy reading.

“Unveiling the Thin Places” by Caroline Smiley 

“A Nominal Advent” a short story by John Blase 

“Where was Jesus Before Advent?” by Drew Fitzgerald 

“Our Inherent Need for Christmas” by Sarah Kay 

“Advent is not for Sissies” by Kelley Mathews 

“Anno Domini” a Christmas Poem by Seth Weick (1 of 3)

“Word Became Flesh” a Christmas Poem by Seth Weick (2 of 3)

“Sing” a Christmas Poem by Seth Weick (3 of 3)

“God with Us” by Kristen O’Neal 

“The War On Christmas” a podast by Drew Fitzgerald  

Cover image by Andre Benz

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